"We must prepare for endless waves of transformation.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Coined by the French, “art de vivre” (art of living) refers to the practice of enjoying all the fine things in life. Havelock Ellis stated, “The art of living lies in a fine mingling of holding on and letting go.”  The concept of art de vivre was born out of Véronique’s desire to fuse her passion for helping people with her passion for the arts. The intention is to create a space for self-enhancement and increased life satisfaction trough various therapeutic approaches, including arts.

Meet Véronique

Véronique Brideau, MSW, RSW, PhD (candidate), is an assistant professor and Social Work program coordinator at Universite Sainte-Anne . She holds a degree in Social Work from St. Thomas University, a Masters degree from Dalhousie University and is currently pursuing a PhD of Social Work in the area of complex grief from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Véronique’s passion for death and dying began after experiencing the loss of a loved one by suicide as a 13 year old. Véronique has dedicated herself to expanding education and services surrounding mental health, addiction, suicide prevention and grief and loss. 

Véronique began her counselling practice as a therapist, where she spent 8 years working within mental health disciplines in a clinical background. As part of her internal journey to holistic health, pattern reconditioning and self-love and expression, she felt the pull to get into a private practice, where she uses her clinical expertise and personal experience and intuition. Extracting elements of her practice from both evidence-based directives and creative frameworks of care.

As a death doula, Véronique serves those who need someone to answer their questions and remove some of the weight and burdens that come with a loved-one’s passing. This framework allows for the creation of an intimate and meaningful experience with loss and recovery. Véronique’s approach teaches people that it is ok to die and that you don’t have to do it alone.

You were born surrounded, you deserve to die the same way.

A Journey through life and death

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